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Marbella International Film Festival

In October 2008, Sam's team 'The Frankensteins' won the twenty four hour challenge at the Marbella Film Festival.


Six teams entered this gruelling test of film production.


On arrival teams were given a title, a genre and 24 hours to invent, script, storyboard, shoot, edit and add sound, music and opening and closing titles to a five minute short film.


'The Frankensteins', headed by Mexican Director, Pablo Olmos, drew 'Death Dancers' as a title and Comedy Drama as a genre.


The movie was shot in and around the Puento Romano Hotel in Marbella.


Sam wrote the screenplay and played the role of the baddie, Mamma Sam, a loan shark with an eye patch, a little dog, and a very bad attitude.


'Death Dancers' won both Jury and the audience awards.


Photo by Maria Olmos