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The Quest for the Sword of Infinity (1st book of the Lightbringer Trilogy)


Dear Quinn, Thank you for giving me the copy of 'The Quest for the Sword of Infinity'. You were right - I could not put the book down once I started it. It is a most exciting story, extremely well done. I truly hope that the day will come when LCA will be representing Owen Lightbringer - Son of the Sun.

Arnold Lewis, Senior Vice President, Licensing Corporation of America


A mythology that could become a cult. Derby Evening Telegraph


The right mix of magic and thrills to keep any nine-year old agog. Financial Times



All By Myself - How to pick up the pieces after your man has gone


Your book has been the most encouraging and reassuring thing that has happend to me for a very long time. I have heard of things changing people's lives. Well your book has changed mine. Francis Buxton, Dorchester


A highly practical book. Samantha looks at everything from simple DIY tasks to saving on shopping bills, from learning to relax to finding a job. Teeside Evening Gazette


Those who have survived a ghastly separation will be able to confirm Samantha Lee's coping strategies. Anyone in a state of distress who reads this excellent self-help quide could speed up their recovery process by following a lot of her advice. Margaret Kitchen, Liverpool Daily Post





Thank you for sending Samantha Lee's work to me. She certainly can write! I found it hard to put 'Amy' down and it's left a disturbing aftertaste. I can see why she was such a hit on the Point Horror list. Polly Nolan, Editor, Pan Macmillan Children's Books



The Bogle


I am wiring to say how much I enjoyed 'The Bogle'. It is very well written. The characters are really believable. The idea of inventing a ghost that comes out of the Scottish Highlands really attracted me. I liked it so much I read it straight through in three hours. Sara Guidi, Dollis Hill, London.





I am a huge fan of 'Demon'. I think it's fantastic. Alex Poole, Manchester