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77 published in Magazine and Anthologies. Also broadcast or televised



'Worse Things Than Spiders and other short stories' - anthology of short stories


'Take 5'  - Published 'Knave' Magazine, 'Me' Magazine and 'Fantasy Tales'. Also broadcast on Capitol Radio's 'Moments of Terror'


20 read as inserts in Thames TV's pre-school programme 'Rainbow' including - 'The Wurgletoes' and 'Too busy by half'


'The Diary' - Nightmares 3 - Anthology edited by Mary Danby


'Dark Reflections' - 15th Pan Book of Horror Stories (writing as Maggie Webb).


'The Island of the Seals' - 18th Pan Book of Horror Stories


'Medium Rare' - 27th Pan Book of Horror Stories, also 'Moment of Terror'


'Sea Change' - Spectre 4 - Anthology edited by Richard Davis


'The Chosen' - Space 4 - Anthology edited by Richard Davis


'Bon Appetit' - Fantasy Tales Volume 8, also 'Moment of Terror'


'Aversion Therapy' - Dark Terrors 6 - Edited by Steve Jones and David Stutton


'Which Witch' - 'Me' Magazine and Anthology for 'Welcome to my Nightmare'


'Jellyroll Blues' - Fantasy Tales


'Worse things that Spiders' - 'Me' Magazine.


'Over My Dead Body' - 'Best' Magazine, summer 1994


'The Lilac Tree' - 'Me' Magazine


'Pipsqueaks'. DC Thompson and 'Rainbow' story book and 'Rainbow' TV


'Postcard from the Past' - 'Me' and 'Choice' Magazines


'The Silkie's Cap' - Fantasy Tales anthology edited by Mike Wathan